• Nasrin Barmaki
    Nasrin Barmaki

    Nasrin Barmaki, RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher), M.A. (English Literature), is an interdisciplinary artist with a multifaceted and eclectic dance background fusing her training in diverse styles of dance, music, choreography, yoga and martial arts. Her love for dance, music, and expression through movement started at a very early age. She began by studying and ultimately teaching and performing Middle Eastern dances and belly dancing. As her music studies continued her life was about to forever change; she was drawn to the riveting music of Astor Piazzolla and Tango inevitably became her obsession. Nasrin is known for her elegant, sensual movements, expressive presence and precise technique. Her instruction emphasizes connection, musicality, quality of the step, both leading and following principles, body awareness, and improvisation. She has an incisive ability to analyze movement and help her students improve their technique on the most subtle level. In addition, Nasrin’s experience in both following and leading has provided her with a myriad of insights into the technique and body awareness between two roles in Tango, giving depth and quality to her teaching style.

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