Argentine Tango Dallas

Argentine Tango Dallas: Fostering the Art of Tango

Welcome to Argentine Tango Dallas, a non-profit dance organization deeply committed to preserving and promoting the beauty of Argentine Tango. Established in 2009 and officially incorporated as a non-profit in 2016, our mission is to cultivate, educate, and enrich the world of Argentine Tango within the Dallas Area and across the vast expanse of Texas.

Our Vision:
At Argentine Tango Dallas, we are dedicated to nurturing artistic expression and fostering a sense of community through the captivating art of Argentine Tango. As this passionate dance form first emerged in Buenos Aires towards the close of the nineteenth century, it has since captivated hearts worldwide and been recognized by UNESCO as an invaluable part of our shared cultural heritage.

Join Us:
Whether you’re an experienced dancer or completely new to the world of tango, we welcome everyone to be a part of our vibrant community. No prior experience is necessary! Come and explore this enchanting dance with us through our diverse range of offerings, including classes, practicas, milongas, and workshops.

Our Goal:
Our overarching goal at Argentine Tango Dallas is to preserve and promote Argentine Tango in all its multifaceted expressions, spanning music, dance, poetry, history, and the visual arts. We aim to introduce tango to the Dallas community in a myriad of ways, including classes, workshops, captivating performances, and inspiring concerts.



Throughout our journey, we’ve achieved several significant milestones:

  1. Community Outreach: We have proudly provided free dance classes at various locations in Dallas, offering hundreds of individuals the opportunity to experience the enchantment of Tango for the first time.

  2. Philanthropic Milongas: Our organization has organized Milonga benefits and fundraisers, channeling support toward the continued flourishing of Argentine Tango.

  3. Tangolicious Shows: We’ve produced awe-inspiring Tango shows on a non-profit basis, showcasing the artistry and passion that make this dance form so extraordinary.

  4. Master Classes: For accomplished dancers seeking to elevate their skills, we have offered master classes led by seasoned Tango professionals.

Support Us: If you are passionate about the preservation and promotion of Argentine Tango and would like to contribute to our mission, there are various ways you can support us. Your generous sponsorship or donation can help us continue our efforts in fostering the art of Tango and expanding our outreach. Your support enables us to offer free classes, organize community events, and bring the beauty of Argentine Tango to an even wider audience.

Sponsorship Opportunities: We offer sponsorship opportunities for individuals and businesses who share our commitment to Argentine Tango. By becoming a sponsor, you not only align yourself with a vibrant and culturally enriching community but also play a crucial role in the preservation of this cherished art form. To explore sponsorship options, please contact us today.

Donations: Donations, big or small, make a meaningful impact on our organization. Your contributions help us sustain our programs, produce high-quality performances, and create educational opportunities for all. If you would like to make a donation to Argentine Tango Dallas, please visit our donation page for more information.

Your support is essential in ensuring that the magic of Argentine Tango continues to thrive in the Dallas area and throughout Texas. We deeply appreciate your generosity, which allows us to keep the passion and beauty of Tango alive for generations to come. Join us in preserving this cultural treasure and being a part of our Tango family.

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