Due to COVID 19, our Milongas and Practicas are cancelled until further notice. Only Sunday classes with adjusted times are in-person at studio.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul               Martha Graham


Nasrin & Mark offers regular tango classes at You Can Dance Dallas Studio! You get an extensive one-to-one attention during group classes. You can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere to dance, learn and grow… whether you like to socialize, just enjoy some nice dances, practice and explore or a bit of everything, Come and join us eager to dance with your open heart and warm embrace!

Sundays ; Level I - Level II - Level III - Level IV

14833 Inwood Rd. #600 Addison, 75001

Every Sunday ongoing!

Fee: $20 drop-ins per student per class. or $60 for a series of 4 consecutive lesson.

Thursdays at TangoAmor studio; Performance Class level one 7:00-8:15; level two 8:15-9:30

2385 Midway Rd #100, Carrollton, TX 75006

Thursdays  Followers Performance Class: 7:00-8:150

At TangoAmor home studio!

Fee:  $60 for a series of 4 consecutive lesson. This is not a drop-in class.

Tuesdays Practica at Home Studio! 8:15-9:45

Cancelled till further notice!

Argentine Tango supervised Practica on Tuesdays at Home Studio! This is NOT a Milonga. Practica is open to all level dancers.


Description of Classes by Level

Sundays at  You Can Dance Studio

Level I-4:30

Sundays 4:30-5:30  at You Can Dance Studio!

This Level is recommended for people who have never taken tango before, or for people with little experience in tango. In this class you will learn the general technique for walking and pivots. We teach technique in the context of simple  sequences that are common in social dancing. The emphasis will be on connection with partner and hearing the beat of tango music. In this class we will work on:


  • Posture, balance, and basic techniques
  • The embrace (open version)
  • Fundamentals of connection, and leading & following
  • Walking, weight changes and rock-steps
  • Parallel versus Cross-system
  • Front ocho & Back ocho
  • The basic step
  • Rock step
  • Principles of navigation and tango etiquette
  • Leading and following fundamentals

Level II-5:30

Sundays 5:30-6:30 at You Can Dance Studio!

You should have the basic understanding of walking and pivots in tango in order to attend this class. We will work on following (but not limited to) concepts.


  • Dancing in open and close embrace
  • Walking variations
  • Pivots
  • Ocho cortado
  • La Cruzada (cross)
  • Ocho Cortado and rockstep turns
  • Right & Left Turns
  • Paradas, Pasadas
  • Molinete
  • Development in floor craft

Level III-6:30

Sundays 6:30-7:30 at  You Can Dance Studio!

Students will develop a better understanding of the structure of tango and work more with combining elements to build improvisational skills for the social dance floor. Rhythmic variation for musicality will also be discussed in this level. In this class we will be working on :

  • Refined walking technique
  • Exploring cross and parallel systems
  • Cross variations
  • Ocho variations
  • Getting into/out of the Molinete
  • Sacadas, Boleos, Ganchos, Barridas
  • Introduction to Tango Rhythms: Vals, Milonga, Tango.

Level IV-6:30

Sundays 6:30-7:30 at You Can Dance Studi Studio!

This class is geared toward those who have been actively dancing for at least two years(Classes, milongas, practices) , have a good grasp of basic technique and can fluidly incorporate different rhythmic patterns. We focus on improving and fine tuning the quality of movement and developing a more subtle connection between leader and follower. In this level students learn to add adornments and develop expression and personality.

  • Dancing to the phrases and Melody
  • Back Sacadas, Volcadas, Colgadas
  • Changes of directions
  • Single axis turns

Thursdays at TangoAmor Home Studio!

Performance class Level 1

This class is for those who would like to be on the stage . This class is NOT a drop-in. you will have to have instructors permission to attend.

You will learn a choreographed song to dance with group.


$60 for for a series of 4 classes.

Performance Class Level 2

Articulate Feet Workshop

Sharpen And Clean Your Footwork!


Date: cancelled till further notice ;    Please contact to confirm.
Time: ————-
Registration: contact Nasrin 214-507-1071, nbarmaki@hotmail.com
Fee: $20
Location: Home Studio


Class Description:
These intensive workshops are for followers seeking to:
– deepen their understanding of technique
– develop a deeper relationship with music
– enhance their self-expression

Each Articulate Feet workshop will focus on different themes, techniques and adornments.

In Articulate feet workshop series you will learn about:

Balance, Axis, Posture,
Foot positioning, Body parts alignments
Foot work, Embellishments to music
Sensuality, Elegance and Connection in Tango
Graceful Leg extension
Dissociations, Spiral
Technique of Boleos, Ganchos, Barridas, Paradas, Sacadas, Volcadas, Colgadas
Finding your own voice and personality,
Listening and feeling the music

Please bring a pair of flat and a pair of high heels and wear comfortable stretchy outfit.

Followers’ Technique & Embellishments at Home-Studio

Cancelled till further notice