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Nasrin Barmaki, RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) and holder of a Master of Arts in English Literature, is an interdisciplinary artist whose journey through the world of dance is nothing short of captivating. With over a decade of teaching experience in creative writing and literature, Nasrin is not only a gifted dancer but also a scholar and storyteller at heart.

Her multifaceted and eclectic dance background is a tapestry woven from diverse styles of dance, music, choreography, yoga, and martial arts. Nasrin’s love for dance, music, and the profound expression of movement took root in her early years. Her dance odyssey began with the study, teaching, and performance of Middle Eastern dances and belly dancing. However, destiny had more in store for her. Her music studies led her to the riveting compositions of Astor Piazzolla, forever altering the course of her life and drawing her into the mesmerizing world of Tango—an obsession that would define her artistic journey.

Nasrin is celebrated for her dance style, characterized by elegant and sensual movements that convey an expressive presence and a commitment to precise technique. Her instruction extends far beyond mere steps; it delves into the essence of Tango, emphasizing connection, musicality, the quality of each step, and the principles of both leading and following. Nasrin’s teaching places a significant focus on body awareness and the art of improvisation, ensuring that her students not only grasp the dance but also connect with its deeper narrative.

In addition to her profound love for dance, Nasrin is equally passionate about philosophy, using it as a wellspring of inspiration for her choreographies and storytelling through dance. Her unique ability to infuse philosophy into her performances adds an intellectual and contemplative layer to her artistry.

Her years of teaching experience in creative writing and literature have not only enriched her teaching style but have also instilled in her the ability to tell compelling stories through her choreographies.

Through her experiences in both following and leading roles in Tango, Nasrin has gained a myriad of insights into technique and body awareness. These experiences have deepened the quality and depth of her teaching style, making her a true luminary in the world of Argentine Tango.

In every step she takes and every story she tells through dance, Nasrin Barmaki embodies the spirit of an artist whose passion, intellect, and commitment to her craft shine brightly, leaving an indelible mark on all who have the privilege of witnessing her artistry.



Mark embarked on his journey into understanding the kinesthetic movement of the human body during his undergraduate studies, laying the foundation for his passion for biomechanics. However, it was his deep dive into the world of Argentine Tango under the expert tutelage of Nasrin Barmaki that truly shaped his dance career.

With a solid grounding in biomechanics, Mark brings a unique perspective to the art of Argentine Tango. His years of study and dedicated practice have not only honed his technical prowess but have also instilled in him a profound appreciation for the dance’s intricate nuances.

In addition to his expertise in dance, Mark is also a Doctor of Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine, running a successful clinic in Dallas. This dual expertise has allowed him to explore the connections between the body’s physical and energetic aspects, further enriching his understanding of movement and the human experience.

Mark is renowned for his energetic approach to the dance, infusing each step with a vibrant and captivating energy that electrifies the dance floor. His enthusiasm is infectious, creating an atmosphere where both dancers and spectators alike are swept up in the joy of the moment.

Despite his dynamic style, Mark maintains an unwavering focus on the core principles of Argentine Tango—connection and technique. He understands that these elements are the bedrock of this captivating dance form, and he strives to convey their significance to his students. Mark’s teaching style is characterized by patience and precision, ensuring that his students not only grasp the steps but also the deeper essence of Tango.

Mark’s journey in Argentine Tango is a testament to his dedication and commitment to mastering this intricate art form. His fusion of biomechanical knowledge, alternative medicine expertise, and Tango mastery has led to a unique and holistic approach to dance. Whether he’s teaching, performing, or simply dancing for the sheer joy of it, Mark’s passion for Argentine Tango shines through, captivating all who have the privilege of sharing the dance floor with him.

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Nasrin Barmaki and Mark Hernandez are highly skilled Argentine Tango dancers, choreographers, and educators based in Dallas, Texas. With over 17 years of teaching experience, they have earned a stellar reputation for their expertise and unwavering passion for this captivating art form.

Their remarkable talent has garnered international recognition, leading to performances in numerous countries and cities worldwide, including Buenos Aires, Paris, Warsaw, Tokyo, Osaka, Dubai, Prague, and Barcelona. Wherever they showcase their skills, Nasrin and Mark enchant audiences with a captivating blend of love, romance, and elegance, leaving them mesmerized on every dance floor.

Driven by their deep desire to share the joy of Tango, they proudly offer regular Sunday Tango classes at the esteemed You Can Dance Dallas. Additionally, they organize an exhilarating Argentine Tango social dance event, known as a milonga, held on the second Saturday of every month. This inclusive gathering warmly welcomes the public and features a complimentary Tango lesson, providing an opportunity for everyone to embrace and experience the beauty of this enchanting dance style.

Nasrin and Mark’s professional experience extends beyond teaching and performing Tango. They have had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed musical institutions such as the Dallas Symphony, Chamber Music International, and the Fort Worth Symphony. Their talent has been showcased in various Tango shows, including the captivating productions of “Nostalgia,” “Pasion de Tango,” and “TangoAmor,” where their exceptional choreography brings these performances to life. Their artistic contributions have further solidified their reputation as versatile and accomplished artists in the world of Argentine Tango.

Furthermore, Nasrin and Mark have had the honor of sharing their expertise in Argentine Tango at prestigious institutions such as UT Southwestern Medical University, The University of Texas at Dallas, and Southern Methodist University. Their dedication to teaching extends to nurturing the next generation of Tango enthusiasts and spreading their passion for this captivating dance form.

With their vast understanding of movement, dance, and connection, they continue their Argentine Tango journey together as life and dance partners.

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